It’s been a minute since I’ve written about Rauw Alejandro but don’t get it twisted he’s been hard at work putting the finishing touches on his debut album set to release sometime soon but until then he’s holding his fans down with some new music dropping “Se Tú” featuring Sou$a and fellow R&B artist Lyanno.

Produced by his right hand, Mr. Naisgai, Rauw gets down and dirty in the best of ways singing about his sexual escapades with his girl and I’m not gonna lie it’s pretty hot. Add the rawness of Sou$a and the pleasure seeking vibe of Lyanno and you got yourself a banger ready to heat up the night.


“..lo hacemos mientras escuchamos toa mis canciones // es de Condado y se hospeda en el West, lo hacemos en su apartamento en Mayagüez, se acaba el jangueo y le caigo una vez, tienes una amiga y lo hacemos los tres..”


“..No me se ni tu nombre pero yo se que sabes quien soy, yo no conozco tus nalgas pero se parecen a unas que doy…


” ..y yo tirao pa’tras riendome, cargando pa darle otra vez, otra vez ven make that pussy wet, pa hacer lo mismo pero al revés, en cuatro entera se le ve, bellaca we not done yet..”

Gah damnnnn this song gets a girls blood flowin’!

I’m thinking Rauw Alejandro and Lyanno should do a joint EP, the amount of panty droppers on that one would be ridiculous!


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