Quickly becoming my favorite female artist, Kehlani has released the video for her latest single “CRZY” and she is just filling me with LIFE.

To know everything that she has gone through and to have been able to push through and make such a positive come back speaks volumes of her character…plus she’s dope AF.

Directed by Benny Boom, this visual just makes you want to get up and vibe with your friends. I love the fact that she incorporated her real friends in the video. Those are undoubtedly the people that have always stuck by her and helped her get through her dark times. She even shouted everyone involved in the video out on Instagram last night saying “shout out Benny Boom the director, Antoined Troupe the choreographer, all the amazing dope and incredibly DIVERSE female dancers and my cool ass real friends for being apart of it. Love y’all!”

SLAY BAElani, it’s your time.



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