XO affiliate, Belly, was never really on my radar until he dropped his project Another Day In Paradise ( “You” ft. Kehlani is EVERYTHING) but he’s already back at it gifting his fans new  music with his latest mixtape Inzombia.

With this offering Belly is definitely making sure to cement his spot with Roc Nation by featuring some of the biggest names in the game including Young Thug, Future, Jadakiss, Ty Dolla $ign and even Ashanti!

With a dark sound reminiscent of The Weeknd, Inzombia is a collection of work that Belly describes as being “a music thing. A lot of people don’t understand that there’s personal things that are going on too.”

Just getting started in his career and he’s already willing to share all his feelings and get it out to the world.

For obvious reasons “Consuela” ft. Young Thug is a favorite of mine as well as “Seven Day Love” ft. Ashanti.

“Consuela” ft. Young Thug

“She hit the plane with half a kilo
She turned around and said tranquilo
Tomorrow meet me at mi casa
Just call me when you know que pasa
I think I’m falling for consuela
She’s from the slums of Venezuela
No I can’t wait until mañana
I fly to meet you in Havana
I’m dressed in black just like mi gente
Like es el dia de la muerte
She’s only loyal to el jefe
I bet she taste just like tres leeches”

“Seven Day Love” ft. Ashanti

“Layin’ in this bed I don’t even sleep
Summer come around we don’t even speak
Say you goin’ away I don’t even reach ya
Seven day love got me feelin’ weak
Oh lord
Oh lord, oh lord, oh lord
Oh lord”

I’m definitely WOKE now Belly!

Take a listen to Inzombia available on Apple Music now!

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