Just a few short months after releasing his EP, S.O.D.A., Boricua R&B artist, Lyanno, decided to close out 2016 with another project titled AM.

This 6 track offering was produced entirely by him and producer Jon Gonz and it’s giving me all the feels coming into the New Year!

With his distinct sensual vocals and moody beats, this mixtape is full of sexual energy!

“Bienvenido” and “Víctima” are the highlight tracks for me – whether it be his use of lyrics or the tone of his voice, Lyanno’s music is enticing to say the least.He has the type of vocals where he can sing a cappella and you would still get goosebumps; he’s mastered the art of serenading the ladies.

I was so intrigued by AM that I just had to get to know a little bit more about Lyanno and his latest project.

Peep my brief interview with the R&B crooner below and take a listen to AM now on SoundCloud!

How long have you been into making music?

April 20, 2014 is when I debuted my first single, “Fruto Prohibido,” Before that though me & my team did Reggaeton but we decided not to release anything because we felt that we weren’t ready yet. 

Has R&B always been your specialty? What other artists have influenced your style?

Before releasing “Fruto Prohibido” I had a Reggaeton mixtape that got completely erased,it was in that moment I decided to give R&B a try. Other artists that have influenced my style would definitely have to be Trey Songz and The Weeknd (2011.)

Not too long ago you released your first EP, S.O.D.A, what inspired you to create AM so quickly afterwards?? 

“AM” was created in one of my late night/early morning sessions in the studio with Jon Gonz. He showed me a few beats and we decided to put it all together and call it “AM.” 

Why did you choose the title AM?What does it signify for you?

The concept behind this EP is basically stories that happen in the early morning, that’s why “AM” made perfect sense for the title. 

In your opinion what was the best R&B album of 2016?

I can’t say a specific one from this year but “Chapter V” by Trey Songz and “House of Balloons”  by The Weeknd are my favorite albums. 

If you could collab with one artist who would it be & why? 

Locally speaking I would like to work with Randy. Ever since I was younger I’ve been a fan of his music and plus he was the first singer in Puerto Rico to do R&B music in spanish. 

You and fellow artist Rauw Alejandro are the only ones currently holding it down for R&B music in Puerto Rico right now,have you guys thought about working on a joint project?? 

Well it was supposed to be a surprise but yea, me & Rauw are working on an EP titled “Mal Tiempo.”

Your songs are super sensual, do you have one muse in particular that inspires your music or do you write about past experiences? (Basically the ladies want to know if you’re single or nah?lol) 

The majority of my songs are my own experiences and also stories that I’ve heard. My inspiration to write of course comes from women. I like to describe what they could feel, cry, laugh, get pleasure out of, pretty much every and anything about them.  And yes there is someone special but I don’t really like to put my personal life out there. haha

What are your plans for 2017?

I just signed a deal with a Record Label so for 2017 you’re going to be seeing a different Lyanno which is why I wanted to gift my fans with “AM” because they won’t be hearing that kind of style for a few months. 

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