Yasss Syd Yasss!

It’s been a minute since I’ve heard anything from the ladies worth listening to but this fresh of breath air that Syd has just dropped is exactly what I wanted to hear on this rainy NYC day.

“Body” is the name of this gem and it’s the second single off of Syd’s upcoming album Fin.

Produced by MeLo-X, this sensual track will get any bedroom hot and steam in a matter of seconds.

“The bed is your stage
Take it away
Put on a show
Put on a play
Don’t ask babe
You know I’m your number one fan babe
Get those cameras rollin right now
I’m directing and I really wanna see you act out
Let your body take over you
Your body’s takin over you”

Take a listen to “Body” below and expect Fin out Feb. 3!

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