Hands down Zion y Lennox are my favorite Reggaeton duo and one of my favorite rappers also hailing from Puerto Rico, Joyce Santana, remixed one of the duos hit singles “Ahora” and he’s elevated it to a whole other level with his substance filled bars!

Over a slowed down tempo Santana raps –

“..subiendo fotos pa’que le vean lo que ella lleva alla ‘tras y yo mordió porque to’eso es mío pero quien le dice algo a una mujer revelá..ahora es rebelde y a mi me dijeron que esas siempre vuelven // yo te hice cosas pa que de mi te acuerdes y pensar que otro te la haga a mi me muerde..”

I can always count on Joyce to cut the bullshit and express the truth whether it be on his own tracks or putting his creative spin on someone else’s.

Take a listen to “Ahora” remix below!

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