Álvaro Díaz came out the gate with his foot heavy on the gas pedal this year with the release of his newest project San Juan Grand Prix and it doesn’t look like he’ll be letting up anytime soon!

Just the other day Díaz dropped the video for one of my personal favorites off the EP “Mantecado De Coco” and this VHS recorded visual is giving me early 90s nostalgic feels!

Directed by Armando Rivera, it appears as if an extraterrestrial being, a beautiful blonde at that, has landed in PR and Álvarito just so happens to find her, fall for her and maintain her Coconut habit. As I just wrote that I realized how “out there” the concept sounds but it works! There is no denying the amount of creativity and out of the box thinking went into the making of this video and that is exactly why Álvaro Díaz and his team remain at the top of their game.

Oh and can we take a moment to talk about the swag in this video though?! Álvaro is rocking some of the newest merch from Puerto Rican creative brand FUBOT and their White Logo Turtleneck was the perfect fit for this clip!



Peep the video below for “Mantecado De Coco” and comment your thoughts!

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