I was first put on to R&B crooner, Khalid, when I came across his single “Location” on SoundCloud and I was surprised to find out this kid is only 19!

Khalid’s debut album American Teen, released just last week and for me it’s an instant classic. The lyrical content is filled with that of a person who has been through experiences of love and loss and the maturity in his voice blows me away – he’s definitely a young kid with an old soul and has a beautiful spirit about him.

Tracks such as “Saved,” “Young Dumb & Broke,” and “Hopeless” have me all in my feelings yet I can’t stop listening!


“The hard part always seems to last forever
Sometimes I forget that we aren’t together
Deep down in my heart, I hope you’re doing alright
But from time to time I often think of why you aren’t mine

But I’ll keep your number saved
‘Cause I hope one day you’ll get the sense to call me
I’m hoping that you’ll say
You’re missing me the way I’m missing you

So I’ll keep your number saved
‘Cause I hope one day I’ll get the pride to call you
To tell you that no one else
Is gonna hold you down the way that I do”

Young Dumb & Broke

“So you’re still thinking of me
Just like I know you should

I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could
I’m so high at the moment
I’m so caught up in this

Yeah, we’re just young, dumb and broke
But we still got love to give”


“Now tell me was I ever something that you could regret
I know I wasn’t the one for you
But at least I tried my best
Surrounded by questions like, “Why’d you two part ways?”
But if my memory’s right
You’re the one that left

I’ll be hopeless hopelessly romantic
You, you got me stranded
Ooh, I’m blue, blue, blue”

Khalid has a very promising future ahead and I can’t wait to see where his talents take him. Cop American Teen on iTunes now and support this young star in the making!

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