Its been a little over a week since the release of Atlanta artist, Elhae’s latest offering, Aura II and its been the perfect fit for these gloomy NYC days.

I first discovered Elhae on SoundCloud about a year ago with his track “Doesn’t Matter” ft. Kehlani off his All Have Fallen EP. I was immediately intrigued with his sound because anyone who really knows me knows that I love Hip Hop but I REALLY LOVE R&B and he’s actually a great mixture of both.

Elhae has stated that his mood affects his creativity more than anything else and I’m definitely a believer in energy ruling everything around you.

On Aura II, the newly signed Atlantic Records artist, was clearly going through some things because he was definitely channeling his inner crooner.

With features from Eric Bellinger, Rockie Fresh and Ty Dolla $ign, Elhae fully catered to the ladies on this one and with tracks like “Slip & Fall,” “Something,” “You” and “Blue (Interlude) I kind of wish this EP wouldn’t have come out around the same time as Kendrick Lamar’s new album DAMN because Aura II definitely needs more attention than its getting.

“Slip & Fall” 

It’s the night time,
I come alive in the night time, (yeah)
I’m feeling like it’s the right time, (ooh)
it’s the right time.
Don’t just want you, girl I need you
I just want you close, it’s just me and you
You believe in me, I believe in you
The way you holding me
I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t


Cause I don’t wanna let go oh oh oh
No, I don’t wanna let go oh ooh ooh
So bring that body over here
(So lay it down over here)
Bring that body over here
(Let’s burn it down over here)
I know you wanna be involved,
girl go ‘head and slip and fall in my love.
(oh baby, ooh baby)
It’s gon’ be a fire


Don’t you know
you the one that took away my pride
it’s a wall
and I was better with you on my side
you know that I

Say that you forgive me tell me why I’m still paying for it
everybody told me that I shouldn’t but I’m fighting for it
I don’t even know why but girl you don’t wanna do it
I don’t want nothing new, it’s only you

You just gotta know that I depend on you (yeah)
girl you know that I just can’t pretend for you (yeah)
gave you everything a 110 for you
after everything I did I feel I still owe you, (no, no)
(I still owe) you
I just want you
i just want you
i just want, i just want
these hoes and you
i’m only thinking bout you
I don’t wanna doubt you
i just want you

Elhae represented for R&B heavy and I can’t wait for him to really blow. He’s super underrated right now.

Take a listen to Aura II below and let me know which tracks you’re feeling the most!


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