On May 18, 2017 at approximately 11:49 PM, Puerto Rican rapper, René Pérez, better known by his artist name Residente, released 8 minutes full of HEAT titled “Mis Disculpas.”

Over a Trooko produced beat, Residente WENT IN on this Tempo diss track which really ended up being so much more. He not only MURDERED Tempo but pretty much everyone in the game right now just by showing off his pure talent.

He’s gotten some backlash over some of the lyrics but he was unapologetically RAW and if you can’t handle the truth being served then you are part of the problem. Residente is the definition of a wordsmith and the fact that he uses his platform to get people WOKE is admirable.

Take a listen to “Mis Disculpas” below and really let that shit sink in.

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