When Jhené Aiko and Chris Brown link up you know you’re about to get some good music and their latest single “Hello Ego” is no exception.

From the jump Jhené’s velvet smooth voice entices you and prepares you for those sensuous Breezy vocals we all know and love.

“I should stop drinking, I should stop smoking
I need to focus
I am the dopest, I’m the dopest
You already know this
I’ve been chosen, I’ve been chosen
And I know you noticed it
I got that potion, hocus pocus shit, yeah
‘Cause I got these vic-good and verses
For all these bitches you hurt when
You told ’em, you fuckin’ with me
I know that you fuckin’ with me
I’m not this regular hoe
You like these regular hoes
You need to act like you know it
You need to act like you know that
I could do it, do it, I’m the truest, truest
I’m the coolest, coolest, and the truth is (truth is)
I’ve been up for days now
You in my way now
Stay in your lane now
But don’t, but don’t stop

Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop
Don’t stop now
Oh, you know I won’t stop
Won’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop, won’t stop
I don’t know how
Nana, nana, na

They call me crazy, it’s okay, yeah I got issues
I wear my heart like my tattoos
I shed my tears, fuck the tissues
Gave me a year, my first sentence?
Judge, don’t care ‘bout accomplishments
Give a fuck ’bout a Grammy
‘Cause, a jail cell ain’t got limo tints
When I got out back on their ass with a number one hit
Hoes ain’t loyal, know these bitches, they ain’t shit
It’s me that can’t keep a relationship
You can lose your mind, in a glass house
I’m too high and pass out
I done been up down, up, up, back down
I won’t break down…”

SO when are we getting a joint album Jhené and Chris?!


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