Champagne Papi is back at it again providing those Summer Time feels releasing his latest track “Signs.”

Debuting the single at the Louis Vuitton Men’s S/S 2018 show in Paris, the song is said to be inspired by the fashion house’s latest collection.

Produced by the GOAT, Noah “40” Shebib, “Signs” is a dancehall infused track that is sure to make all the Summer playlists this 2017 and my hips are already swaying side to side just thinking about it.

“I stay to myself
I’ll explain myself
I can’t play myself
Oh, first night
Holy night
Five in the morning, yeah
And it feels like you’re mine
Signs of the times
Oh, what a time

Playin’ it right, playin’ it perfect
Laughin’ it off but I know you’re hurtin’
Signs of the times
I say all the time
Taking my time just gets harder to find it
But you’re playin’ it right, you’re playin’ me perfect

She tryna take it all off for me
Tryna stay real close to me
I gotta catch myself
I can’t play myself
I need to take it easy
Easy, easy, easy
Easy, easy, easy, easy”

The amount of rooftop parties this will be played at is endless and I’m just hoping I get an invite, I’ll bring the Ciroc Coconut & Pineapple.. or I guess some of Drake’s Virginia Black Whiskey would be more appropriate huh?!

Take a listen to “Signs” available on Apple Music now.


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