Ooh yes baby I do!

The “Peaches & Cream” legends that are 112 are back with a new sensual track titled “Strawberry” and I truly believe that fruits are their specialty because this song is as delicious as it sounds!

Rockin’ Madonna while she sings in the shower
She wears my favorite perfume
Smells like flowers
She loves them foreign movies
Candles to set the mood
Dancing in lingerie
Across the living room

Me oh my
Come closer I can touch your vine
My strawberry
My my my my my, sweeter than the cherry wine, sweeter than the cherry wine
My strawberry
Juicy just the way I like, just the way I like

The velvety smooth vocals of this quartet are everything and they continue to solidify their R&B Kings status. You can’t talk about the genre without bringing up these crooners!

Take a listen to Strawberry and expect the release of their sixth album, Q, Mike, Slim and Daron to come out sometime this year!

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