To be honest, I’ve never really payed any mind to Quincy’s (yes, Diddy’s son but he is his own person so lets please stop referring to him as just Diddy’s son) musical career, but his latest video for his single “Waterfall” is hella dope!

Not your average video, this visual is actually a compilation of about 2500 photos directed by Lenaick Empaminondas. When you put two attractive people together, some smooth R&B and add some water you’re bound to get a hot result.

“Baby let me make your water fall
It’s been too long
‘Cause you got that look in your eye, come and get what you feel for now
Baby let me make your water fall
We both grown
Ooh I’m dying to see what you got in between those walls
Yea babe”

Peep the video below and comment your thoughts on this piece!

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