I was recently put on to R&B Pop singer, Aeriel, and I was immediately enticed by her strong, sultry vocals.

The LA native recently dropped a new single titled “Be Down” paired with a visual and I’m here for it! It’s funny because this song has me all in my feelings reminiscing about past flames yet unexplainably makes me feel empowered AF.

There’s something to be said about a woman who understands the reality of a situation, whether it be ideal or not and is still secure enough to trust in her decision to be down or not.

You have the power to decide what you want to put up with in all aspects of life and Aeriel captures that feeling perfectly with this track.


“Low expectations help with disappointment

how could it really hurt if it’s not what I wanted?

Even though we both know that’s a lie

‘cause  I do want you

Lying to myself is just to get me through

When you say you want this,

I know that you do 

But you’re just not ready yet 

and I won’t get hurt by you

I’m seeing the signs

trying to learn from my past

get out while I can

before everything goes all bad but

I wanna be down baby I’ll be down

If you just give me a call babe

I wanna be down baby I’ll be down

just read between the lines

don’t you hesitate

don’t you hesitate

we don’t even gotta talk

just lay with me babe

I wanna be down baby I’ll be down”

Take a listen to “Be Down,” peep the video while you’re at it and comment your thoughts below!

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