It’s been about a week since Tory Lanez fans went wild over an IG caption he posted below one of his photos “ My ex said we married…I just laughed in her face-Papi Yerr.” Immediately the fire emojis came rolling through and had me wondering more about where he got that line from.


I’m fortunate enough to already be familiar with the young multi-faceted talent that is Papi Yerr, he was actually one of the first people I met while living in Miami a few years back and his passion for music was undeniable. He had the hunger in his eyes back then and he’s proven those long nights in the studio have not been in vain.

The lyric that Tory quoted comes from Yerr’s latest single “X.” He decided to drop it prematurely since there was so much buzz from that one line, he had to put Lanez’s fans on real quick to what he’s working on and I decided to hit him with some questions to learn a little more about “X” and what we can expect from him in the future.



First off let me start by saying DAMN this beat is HARD, that was all you on production?? 

Haha thank you that means a lot. I made that beat real quick too, probably in like less than 30 minutes. I like my beats to be very minimal but with hard hitting bass lines. 

What was the inspiration behind this song?

The inspiration came from a real convo a few weeks ago with my ex lol 

I know Tory Lanez quoted lyrics from this song for an IG caption “ My ex said we married..I just laughed in her face”…why do you think that line in particular was such a stand out? Did your ex really say that?LOL

I just woke up and I saw a bunch of his fans & my supporters were tagging me in his post and I texted him the next day & just thanked him for showing that much love. 

I think the line stood out because it’s so raw. All of my music comes from an authentic and real place so it’s not hard for anyone to relate. Haha yes my ex really did say that. Me and Tory actually have a song that’s way more raunchier than that lol My music is very witty but very raw and straight forward. So there’s always little raunchy lines that will make you chuckle. But it’s all authentic.

I’ve been following you on social media for quite some time now and see you working with Tory, what’s the creative process like in the studio with him? 

Tory is a monster. From his singing to his rapping it’s just crazy. I think he’s very underrated. The creative process with him is very simple I usually make the beat I’ll jump on the hook/verse and if he likes it he’ll just do his thing and go crazy.  Me & Tory have similar styles & we understand each other musically so every time we make a record the vibes are always crazy. 

Is “X” going to be featured on an upcoming project of yours? 

Yes “X” will be on my album. It’s a wavy record I put out simply because I saw how everyone reacted to that line. But it’s nothing compared to everything else on the project. 

For my readers who aren’t familiar with Papi Yerr yet, how did you get started in the music business?

Papi Yerr is a  recording artist, producer, songwriter and dj. I got started in the business in college. I produced a song with Jim Jones, then started working with Gudda Gudda and Young Money and then a few years later me & XXXtenctacion & RonnyJ did a song called Emoji that hit a million views on SoundCloud and from there I was like ok this is simple I literally freestyled on the chorus and people seemed to like it so from there I knew I could really create high level songs.

You’re heavy into the production side of things but you also sing on your tracks, do you see yourself doing both or are you focused more on one aspect of the music?

I’m doing both. I honestly have been rapping my whole life. Every time I’m out with my friends I’m always breaking into freestyle all my friends know me for that haha. I didn’t take recording and singing seriously until I started working with Tory Lanez. I just taught myself how to sing not too long ago. At the time I was just a producer but when we started doing music together and I was on tracks singing with him and he just really expressed that my voice is unique and that I could really take off if I take singing/songwriting and recording seriously. So I went and recorded a whole album. Which will be dropping early 2018.

Who else are you working with currently? 

So many dope people. I’m working a lot with Ronny J. Thats my brother outside of all the industry stuff. So our musical connection is so deep. I just did a record with him Lil Pump & Smoke Purrp it’s gonna be crazy. 

I’ve been in the studio with Wolf Tyla & also Foreign Tec who produced Exchange for Bryson Tiller. I’ve been working with Play Picasso who is Tory’s go to producer and a lot with Dope By Accident. She just did two songs on Chris Brown’s new album. She’s such a beast, by far one of the most talented artist/songwriters in the game. 

Where do you see your career going within the next few years? 

For me it’s bigger than music. Im a entrepreneur first and musician second. So I’m always expanding outside my comfort zone. I want to invest in start ups, I want to produce and act in films, I want to give back and create better lives for my people in Liberia and Haiti. I just want to fully maximize my talents and resources and really impact the world and lead the legacy that God has planned for me. 

It’s no wonder Tory could relate to this song so much, it honestly BANGS, the beat alone is crazy! Take a listen to “X” now and comment your thoughts below! Oh and for all my latinos, Papi Yerr has been cookin’ up some tings with Farruko too in the studio so be sure to give him a follow and see where his passion takes him next!

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