It’s been about a week now since Wale released his latest EP It’s Complicated and this 4 track offering is exactly as he describes-“A story about “a” love life. Anybody who heart is at odds with the mind.”

Why Wale continues to be one of the most underrated artists of our time just blows my mind because his lyrical content and the way he poetizes it is honestly like none other.

The EP’s titled single “It’s Complicated” is probably my favorite along with “Let It Go.” The D.C. native dives right in to talking about relationships and how grey they can actually be. He’s open, he’s honest and he says everything we wish people would actually express instead of putting on a front and trying to act hard. Since when did it become so foreign to just be real??

It’s Complicated

I believe that love is complicated at best
And at it’s worst it’s a permanent burning in your chest
I pray to earn that from somebody someday
But, somehow someway I no longer have a heart to invest, it’s miles away
The smiles is fake and my job ain’t real
Why would you think I’ll find a woman who is?
I’m high today
Tomorrow I’m chill cause my job get real
What mature woman would put up with my shit?
I mean I’m damaged goods
I mean, I’m rather good at being just kind of good to women who deserve more from me
But, I see you as something more than a purring kitty
You hate my state of mind, somehow you think the world of me

Let It Go

Okay, my heart been cold
Okay, my watch is cold
But I know what time we goin’
‘Cause only one of them broken
Hey love, they say all good things don’t last
Hey love, how can I blame you for my past?
Situation got me thinking crazy
Maybe ’cause you’ve been too clingy lately
Maybe I should make my motto “Let somebody meet my flaws and teach me patience”, I dunno
It’s a thing we saying
’cause we all got hurt, but we don’t heal the same but I dunno
It’s a thing I’m thinking
Would you rather heartbreak or not feel a thing
See I dunno

SHEESH, Wale really went there! How many of y’all already subtweetin’ these lyrics?! LOL

Take a listen to It’s Complicated now and let me know if you’re vibin’.

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