J.Cole dropped his album KOD, which could stand for Kids On Drugs, King Overdosed or Kill Our Demons and broke Apple Music’s record for streaming in the first 24 hours. Sheesh talk about coming out guns blazing!

Reportedly recorded in just 2 weeks, KOD is a 12 track project that was made to get you thinking about things with its introspective content. There have been mixed reviews about the album because some people feel as if he’s being too political about certain topics but for me it is pure lyrical Hip-Hop with substance at its finest.

I recently saw Nas’ episode on a documentary on Netflix titled “Rapture” and he described his music as music that’s not for the clubs but music to make you think and I feel like J.Cole is on that wave with this new album. Even though I can definitely bop my head and get a little shoulder movement in to some of these tracks, more times than none they’re making me think and really analyze current situations our generation faces today.

Each song has something special about them but a few of my favorites are “1985 (Intro to the Fall Off,) “Photograph” and “Kevin’s Heart” which touches on Kevin Hart’s recent cheating scandal and even features him in the visual for this track.

If you haven’t already, take a listen to KOD now and let me know if you’re about it or passin’ on it.

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