The last we heard from Puerto Rican trio, Füete Billëte, was when they dropped “TRÅ” and linked up with Young Beef on their track “Una Changa” which was roughly 2 years ago. Well Pepper Kilo, FreeBass and Don Severo are back with a remix to LA rap group, Shoreline Mafia’s hit record “Musty.”

“Es Cierto” is the perfect joint to hold Füete Billete fans down until they release their own music along with other remixes in the upcoming weeks. They put their grimey “party de marquesina” type flavor on it and I’m honestly just ready for them to give the people more of what they want, it’s summer- time to get sweaty in the best of ways!

Take a listen to “Es Cierto” below and let me know if you’re vibin’ or not!

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