Beyoncé and Jay Z, a.k.a. The Carters, have released a joint album just in time for the summer and it’s almost like a celebration for getting through their trials & tribulations. “I can’t believe we made it, this is what we’re thankful for.” 

Everything Is Love, is pretty much a reconciliation album between the two after both released their solo projects addressing their marital issues, I mean how could we forget Lemonade and Jay Z’s response 4:44. This new project brings it all full circle and if I do say so myself, is the definition of “Love Hard.”

This power couple co-produced every song and filled this 9 track offering with unfiltered truth.  “LOVEHAPPY” and “BOSS” are two of my favorites off this one –  they could not get anymore real on “LOVEHAPPY” and they did so with such effortless confidence borderline cockiness but I love it:

I give my daughter my custom dresses, so she gon’ be litty
Vintage pieces by the time she hit the city, yeah-ah
Vintage frames, I see nobody fuckin’ wit’ him
Pretty thug, out the third ward, hit me
Sir acid, like his dad’s shit is trippy (uh-huh)
Twinning, Blue and Rumi, me and Solo how fitting
(Happy in love)
Sitting, dock of the bay wit’ a big yacht
Sippin’ Yamazaki on the rocks
He went to Jared, I went to JAR out in Paris
Yeah, you fucked up the first stone, we had to get remarried
Yo, chill man
We keepin’ it real with these people, right?
Lucky I ain’t kill you when I met that b- (Nah, aight, aight )

On “Boss” Jay did his thing on his verse but Yoncé is SHININ’ on this one and I’m livin’ for her energy!

Ain’t nothing to it, I boss so I bought my momma a whip
My great-great-grandchildren already rich
That’s a lot of brown chi’r’en on your Forbes list
Probably lookin’ around my compound on my fortress, boss (boss, boss, boss)
I be ridin’ around with my seat reclinin’
Droppin’ my daughter off at school every morning
We slammin’ car doors, I be true ballin’ on these bum whores
You ain’t talkin’ about nothing, I ain’t got no time, boss
Chill, tell them paps they gotta relax (you tried it!)
Toes in the sand, momma gettin’ fat stacks

The Carters don’t miss an opportunity to boast about their black excellence on Everything Is Love and although I don’t think we’ll be bumpin’ this album in the clubs we can all definitely take a few notes from them and replicate their frequency that seems to only vibrate higher no matter what situation arises.


Take a listen to EIL now and let me know which tracks you’re feelin’ the most!

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