In 2016, PR artist, Yensanjuan released his debut track "CEVT" and starting the new year off right he dropped the Cesár Berrios directed video for it and it's ill AF. Feeding the monochromatic way to my heart, Yen and his team curated the moody aesthetic of the video by first and foremost stuntin' on all … Continue reading YENSANJUAN || CEVT (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Ok ok ok ok OKAY! The DJ that gets the party poppin' at The Social Club in Santurce, PR, YenSanJuan a.k.a. Yenzo Ferrari, dropped a new track titled "CEVT" about a week ago and that shit BANGS. "Cómo Estás Viviendo Tú" was produced by the beat God himself, Young Martino, and Yen effortlessly murdered it bar … Continue reading YENSANJUAN || CEVT