Get Familiar.

What up citizens of the world!

My name is Elizabeth but you can call me Lizi. I’m a 24 year old island gal from Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico currently living…everywhere. My biggest passions in life are modeling, music, and anything “street” related. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the biggest R&B/Hip-Hop fan, they also know how much I love streetart, there is just something so raw and inspirational about it. I’m all about feelings & vibes. Sometimes a song or a message spray painted on a wall can better express your feelings than any amount of words can.

After graduating college at the age of 21,I decided to persue my dream of modeling rather than finding a job in Marketing. After a few emails exchanged and a trip to Miami I signed with Elite Model Management. It is then when my nomadic lifestyle began. Being a model I have been blessed with the opportunity to live in different places,among those: Miami,Milan, Hamburg, and NYC. Living in all of these cities I have been exposed to many cultures & diversity. But no matter where I go music & art are both a universal language; everyone understands it, everyone feels it, and everyone can relate to it. That’s a beautiful thing.

I’m not sure what my future holds when it comes to where I will reside permanently: my “Isla del Encanto” will always have my heart, that New York City skyline will always inspire me, and that Miami “work hard,play harder” lifestyle will always intrigue me. For now I’m just a nomad trying to make all of my dreams come true, not only for me but for all of those who believe in me.

For all those dreamers & believers…. Lets get it!!



2 thoughts on “Get Familiar.

  1. You are so bomb! Of course I had to get into the blog, better late than never! Live it and Love it mama! That is what life is about, journey on nomad,so proud of you!


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