Street Dreams.

Being the nomad that I am, I’m currently living in Hamburg, Germany, therefore I thought it would only be fitting to write my first official blog post about a German streetwear brand. After researching a few, DRMTM® stood out to me the most. DRMTM® was established in 2006 in Düsseldorf, Germany and their use of classic and contemporary elements have allowed them to evolve from a local streetwear brand to a worldwide known label. What caught my eye about this brand was their new Fall/Winter 2014 collection “Brotherhood”. This collection stands true to their ideals about having provoking messages on classic products. This collection is all about that CREW LOVE (as seen on their T-shirts/hoodies)image

Other tees they have embracing this brotherhood are: “BRO”, “Unbreakable”, and my personal favorite “Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky”.


Not only does this collection have T-shirts that grab your attention but they also have products appealing to that “nomad” lifestyle I love so much. What better way to travel than with a long T-shirt and joggers? Both comfortable and stylish.


Don’t sleep on the DRMTM®, they’re definitely a brand you want to keep up with!

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