Chucks All Over The World

Converse, Chuck Taylor’s, Chucks, whatever you call them, these are a classic sneaker and I’d like to think they’ve become my signature look.

No matter where I travel to my chucks are my loyal companions. Everywhere I go I’m sure to snap a pic with them & I’ve decided to show you some of my journey through my favorite kicks.

Walk a mile or two in my hi-tops.


(My day 1’s : Puerto Rico)


(Home: Santa Isabel,PR)


(SJU Airport)


(South Beach days with the roomies)


(Santa Marta, Colombia)


(LaGuardia Airport)

image image image image image image image image

(NYC: Washington Square Park, West Side Highway, Prince St., Central Park, Meatpacking District, Spring St., East Houston St., Highline)

image image

(Hamburg, Germany)

There’s nothing better than some worn in converse but there comes a point when it’s time to get a fresh new pair! I still have my old ones, they carry way too many memories for me to just throw them out!


The next pair I’m planning to get are these collab Margiela converse.


Hi-Tops all day!!

2 thoughts on “Chucks All Over The World

  1. Really great post! Love the idea. I love chucks too especially white ones when they are fresh and new! I’m from Sweden and there all girls wear chucks to every occasion lol 🙂


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