Walking Away.

Remember last week when I told you Puerto Rican R&B artist, Derek Novah, who forms part of LV CIUDVD, was going to unleash some fire?! Well today was the day & WOW…just WOW.


Along side his incredibly talented producer, NISSI, Derek and his soulful voice have made what I believe to be the new breakup anthem of the moment. Novah’s new single, titled “Walking Away” describes the battle so many of us go through between knowing you should leave that person who is so toxic to you yet being helplessly addicted to them.

This gifted young artist understands how to deliver that raw and very vulnerable emotion an R&B song needs in order to impact its listener. Both men & women can relate to this track. We all have that one person who will always be our weakness, but at some point it finally hits us and we realize it’s time to walk away and put an end to that chapter in our lives for good.


” You know I’m moving on,I know you tried to play me but you know I aint the one, I know you said I’m sorry baby I don’t give a… You can keep on begging baby I don’t give a…”

To hear Walking Away and the latest from LV CIUDVD go to:


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