Entree Lifestyle has recently released a private label: UNKNOWN. This name was chosen because they wanted the attention to be more on the perplexed designs of the apparel rather than on the brands name. UNKNOWN is not your typical line for Entree LS. The brand will aways be known for its classic Misunderstood graphics but with the new collection they are gearing more towards a mature menswear audience.

It’s custom now to see in street wear brands different variations of joggers, vests, hoodies, and crewnecks, but this line is more fashion forward. The collection is very structured and uses technical fabric with a cotton blend which is perfect for winter because it creates warmth while providing a modern fit which doesn’t create extra weight on the body. The line is simple yet made intricate by adding particular details such as matte YKK zippers, suede patches, and quilted patterns.

Brooklyn goes hard once again.

image image image image

Shop the collection here:


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