Drizzy Season is Coming

This time last week one of Drake’s new singles was leaked onto a few different websites. The track “How About Now” was shortly taken down from the sites but it was already too late, Drake’s fans got a taste of it and it blew up all over social media.


Apparently Drake & his OVO crew decided to run with it because just last night 2 new songs in addition to “How About Now” were uploaded onto his OVO blog: “6 God” and “Heat of the Moment.”


Drizzy can do no wrong when it comes to his craft. He comes out hard in ” 6 God” but brings us back to the Drake all of us ladies swoon over in “Heat of the Moment” & “How About Now” with his too real lyrics and smooth harmonies.

“I’m not even Christian still went to Church that year”


^ To all my believers & non-believers lets all throw up a prayer today that Drake keeps blessing us with some more music leading up to his much-anticipated album Views From the 6, set to come out in Spring 2015.

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