Team Big Sean!

Can I get an “I”

Can I get a “D”

Can I get a “F”

Can I get a “W”

Can I get a “U”

“I Don’t F#CK With You!”

Following up the success of his hot new single “IDFWU” Big Sean debuted the video for it last night via his new app. Big Sean of course plays the star quarterback in this football themed video and who better to be his coach than Mr. Kanye West himself!


Featured artist, E-40, also suits up as a sports commentator and producer DJ Mustard is seen as one of Sean’s teammates.

It’s definitely an unexpected theme for the video since the song is mainly about a breakup but Sean wanted it to be more about the overall relatability to the track.

“Everybody got people they don’t F with man, people they don’t mess with…”

The video ends with Big Sean scoring the winning touchdown and I think winning results is exactly what we can expect to see from him in anticipation to the release of his new album!


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