Theophilus London.

I just recently discovered Theophilus London and after listening to him my only question is, where the hell have I been?! This guy is dope as f#ck!

Theophilus London is a Trinadadian-born American rapper from Brooklyn, New York. His musical style ranges from alternative hip-hop, soul-pop, electro and contemporary R&B. He’s been in the game for over 7 years now but his debut EP Lovers Holiday, released on Warner Bros. Records on February 7,2011 and his debut album Timez Are Weird These Days, released on July 19,2011.

image image

His newest album, Vibes, was released late October and it was executive produced by Kanye West so you already know it’s fire!

Big Spender ft. A$AP Rocky was a popular hit back in 2012, I wish I would have researched him more back then but now that I know who he is I’m definitely going to be keeping my radar up for anything new he releases. I have yet to hear a song of his I don’t like.


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