From Ice Box to Heating Up the Bedroom

After being off the map for a few years now, Omarion is finally blessing us with a new album, Sex Playlist, on December 2. My love for the singer stems back to his days in B2K and the movie ” You Got Served” so I’m excited to finally start hearing that smooth and sensual voice of his on some new records.

Based on the album’s track list and artwork, which features his girlfriend Apryl Jones, Omarion was in the studio creating some serious baby making music.

Sex Playlist track listing:

1. “Sex Playlist”
2. “Post to Be” (feat. Chris Brown & Jhené Aiko)
3. “Show Me” (feat. Jeremih)
4. “Inside”
5. “Steam”
6. “The Only One…”
7. “Bo$$”
8. “Work”
9. “Deeper”
10. “Don’t Leave”
11. “You Like It”
12. “Love & Other Drugs”
13. “Already”

In a previous interview Omarion stated that when you hear his new music “you gonna feel some shit, you gonna think about some shit, because that’s what the core and the true R&B is. Rhythm and blues baby.”


With his new single “Post To Be” ft. Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown, you get the club vibe but he slows it down and gets sexy with the track “Show Me” featuring Jeremih; he definitely had me feeling some type of way with that one!

Omarion is going to be heating things up this winter and just in time for Valentine’s day with Sex Playlist  so make sure you get on that! 😉

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