Daily Paper S/S 2015 || Chapter 1

Drawing their inspiration from Morocco, Amsterdam based brand Daily Paper has released the lookbook for the first part of their S/S 2015 collection.

To be honest I’m not sure if I’m writing this post because of how dope the images/clothing are or because of the models…damn they fine!

daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-05-1260x840 daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-17-1260x840

In this first chapter of the collection you can expect to see bomber jackets, all over print T-shirts/jogger pants, nylon vests and cotton rain coats which all draw on elements of North African culture.

daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-01-960x640 daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-02-1260x840 daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-06-1260x840 daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-07-960x640 daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-11-1260x840 daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-12-1260x840 daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-16-1260x840 daily-paper-springsummer-2015-chapter-1-lookbook-19-1260x840

This collection will be available online and in select retailers tomorrow, January 31!


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