Álvaro Díaz ft. Derek Novah || Ámame

Last week LvCiudvd started off the second season of #JuevesdeLvCiudvd with hard hitter “Pa’l Joseo” , well this week the crew is getting sexy with producers Caleb Calloway and Young Martino collaborating on Álvaro Díaz’s latest single “Ámame” ft. Derek Novah.

Díaz has confessed his appreciation for beautiful women and their ASSets in previous tracks such as “Chicas de la Isla” and “Ga$tar” but this is definitely the most sensual I’ve heard el negrito con actitu’ and you already know Novah seduced all the ladies with those smooth vocals!

This song will definitely be on repeat while I get ready for tonight!Got a girl feelin’ herself 😉


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