Tropicaleo Season is finally in full effect and to help inspire those summer time vibes, Álvaro Díaz kicked off the first of the month with his latest offering "Es Tarde Ya." Tapping the producer who seems to know no limits when it comes to musical production, Caleb Calloway, "Es Tarde Ya" is being described as [...]



In anticipation to the release of his album, Díaz Buenos Díaz Malos, Álvaro Díaz dropped the first track off the album yesterday titled "Medusa." This Young Martino, Lara Project and Caleb Calloway produced single shows how versatile Díaz and his producers really are. From dark, trap vibes on his EP, Ilumilatin Vol. 1 to now a more jazz [...]


Bro...Listen To The Kids Bro! Finally the monster of a rapper, Álvaro Díaz, released his latest EP today, Ilumilatin Vol. 1, for his fans to hear and it's ridiculous how good it is! Irrelevant isn't even the word right now for Díaz's "competition," he's not giving them a single chance to top him and I don't [...]

Joyce Santana X MNSJ SBLMNL

Santanisimo is at it again! Hands down Joyce Santana is one of my favorite lyricists so you know my ears are open whenever he drops a new track! "MNSJ SBLMNL" is his latest Caleb Calloway produced freestyle and its eerie vibe is perfect for those insomniac nights we all have overthinking our vices. "Un mensaje subliminal, [...]

Lara Project || Ojala ft. Álvaro Díaz

Venezuelan brothers, Felix and Manuel Lara, also known as Lara Project, have been living in Puerto Rico for about a month now working on their debut album, Conexión, and it seems as though the island is serving as great inspiration for them. Combining their indie sounds with Álvaro Díaz"s rap flow, Los Laras have released their first single [...]