Those of you familiar with the Spartan Squad in PR,you probably automatically think of Sou$a and his catchy singles about partying and having a good time, well lately he’s been showing his more romantic side- first on “Paradigma” ft. Joyce Santana and now on his latest Caleb Calloway produced track “5 Sentidos.”

“Real estoy puesto pa’ ti, sin ti no es lo mismo, déjame sentir lo que me hace sentir, lo que me hace vivir, tengo mis 5 sentidos puesto en ti..”

I’m all about this chill vibe and I’m really feeling this more vulnerable Sou$a, it’s always dope to see other sides of artists.

Check out “5 Sentidos” now and also be sure to take a listen to “Paradigma” ft. Joyce Santana!

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