Álvaro Díaz || Groupie Love (Official Video)

Di-ab-lo! Álvaro Díaz released the video for his popular single “Groupie Love” (Metele Bellaco) today and this 70’s vintage inspired visual is just too damn raw.

Since it’s Wednesday, I find it only fitting to make Álvarito’s groupies in the video my #WCW. Mega babes Cenit, Agatha and Adriana absolutely killed their good girl/bad gal personas and had me wishing I was a part of it!


Directed by Díaz himself along with Kathia Lynne and César Berrios, this crew did an amazing job at thinking outside of the box and coming up with a fresh concept for this video. LV CIUDVD and everyone involved with the team are the true definition of “I just want to create dope shit with dope people.” You can expect nothing less from them!

“Groupie Love” is a must see! Watch it now on YouTube.

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