In anticipation to the release of his album, Díaz Buenos Díaz Malos, Álvaro Díaz dropped the first track off the album yesterday titled “Medusa.”

This Young Martino, Lara Project and Caleb Calloway produced single shows how versatile Díaz and his producers really are. From dark, trap vibes on his EP, Ilumilatin Vol. 1 to now a more jazz infused hip-hop flow, Álvaro is creating music that everyone can appreciate.

With his clever wordplay and references, Alvarito expresses in “Medusa” the struggle of having a borderline psycho jealous girlfriend but you just can’t let her go for reasons you can’t explain.

“Tiene mas creatividad que Christopher Nolan, piensa que me llevo hasta las viejitas como el Zohan, pelea hasta si le doy “Like” a una foto de Rihanna, si la ignoro me deja sin carga de tanto que llama,FUCK”

“Digo WOOOSA digo WOOOSA porque siempre para pelear tiene una excusa y no digo nada porque con su mirada me convierte en piedra a su lado como si fuera Medusa”

“…pero se le olvida el punto de la pelea cada vez que encuentro el de su G, yo amo verla peleando so..quien me puede entender?”

I feel you though Álvaro! It’s kind of cute seeing someone get a little jealous, it means they care about you right? I draw the line at psycho/stalker though, I need someone with some confidence! You got me I got you.

Oh and fellas if you find yourself in the dog house a lot with your girl, you better cop this T-Shirt made by @vfromusic as soon as it comes out and wear it everywhere you go with her!


Keep Calm & Listen To “Medusa.”

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