Chris Brown just took my favorite track off his album, Royalty, and made it even sexier. How is that even possible?! Well Breezy recruited the help of R&B vet, Usher and newly solo artist Zayn Malik.

With the addition of their verses, the sexual tension on this song is heightened to a new level, so much so that it puts that naughty smile on a girls face…fellas I know you know which one i’m talking about.


“F#ck you to sleep, wake you up again, I’ll go so deep,beat it up again, girl come sit on my tongue again cause I love to taste you, I can tell you’ve been eating your pineapples…girl your pu$$y tastes just like pineapples..”


“I know its been a long day, it’s about to be a long night so keep your eyes closed ’til I roll through, so baby when you’re feelin’ like woman in the sheets, somebody splittin’ your knees, don’t worry that’s me, I’m over here puttin’ work in, baby you aint gotta tell me what you want..”

Oh and Chris don’t think I missed your little shout out to ex-flame, Karrueche! 😉

Well done boys…well done.

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