Derek Novah || #Day1

Sometimes when you’re in the moment you just have to go with it and that’s exactly what RnB singer, Derek Novah, did on his latest track “#Day 1.” This song was literally written,produced and recorded within 24 hours and the fact that it’s this good gives me chills.

With producer Caleb Calloway providing the signature RnB vibes “your girls favorite singer” is known for, Mr.Novah takes the time to show his appreciation for those that have been there supporting him from the jump.

En tu playlist Mr.Novah always on repeat…antes de ser famoso,antes que todos me quieran tu entendistes mi musa y por eso mis canciones son dedicadas a ti, eres super especial, no dejes que nos separen porque yo soy tuyo…soy tuyo..”

With a soulful voice like that who wouldn’t be a fan?! I can’t wait to hear what he’s got for us on his EP, Just Because, and to be taken on another journey with the follow up, Vuelo 69.

Click the link below to listen to “#Day 1” now.

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