Urban artist, Rauw Alejandro, is finally releasing some of that heat he’s been hiding from us and this Caleb Calloway produced track, “OG” just might be my new favorite from him.

First off, this beat is just ridiculous (S/O Caleb West!) but adding Rauw’s R&B flow on top of it takes it to a whole other place which I think the ladies are going to love and the dudes should definitely take notes on.

“Ella quiere, yo quiero, vamos pa casa, tu y yo sabemos, voy de camino a la habitación, por mis venas corre el alcohol, de la mano ella me lleva, yo la sigo hipnotizado tiene la tanga por fuera..”

“..quitate la ropa ponte comoda bebe, I say Oh God Oh God, quiere que le haga lo que sea, I say Oh God Oh God..”

This is the type of song that makes you crave somebody. Don’t even try to tell me that certain someone didn’t pop up into your head while listening to this track! 😉 Oh God Oh God!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to get a little sexy.


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