Ever since the release of her first single “1,000 MPH” I was hooked on boricua female rapper, Audri Nix-not only for her music but for her style, she’s in a lane all on her own.

On an island where male rappers are dominating the Hip-Hop scene, Audri is holding it down for the ladies so you already know I had to interview her and get to know a little more about this bad gal and her music before the release of her debut EP, E.N.O. Vol. 1. 


As of now you’re the only female rapper in PR doin’ the damn thing, how does it feel to know you’re the only one representing for the ladies? Do you ever feel pressure to keep up with the boys?

-It feels like a fucking dream.  I started rapping when I was 15 so it has always been my dream to be the first girl in a long time slaying this rap game in the island.  I don’t feel pressure at all to keep up with the boys because I am in my own lane.  I won’t even feel pressure from girls either because no matter what anybody else is doing, I am going to do my own thing always.  That’s my brand , that’s my empire.

2015 was a great break out year for you,what do you hope to accomplish in 2016?

– 2015 was insane in a bad and good way.  My life changed completely, everything was falling apart but at the same time coming together.  I hope 2016 doesn’t hit me so hard and I focus more on getting this work.  I want to make clothes and whole lotta music.  I hope my projects gets to the people it needs to and I want to grow into the artist I dream of being.  People keep doubting my abilities because they don’t belive greatness can come from Audri Nix, well, I have bad news, I’M THE NEW NEWS.

In previous interviews,you say your new music is different from your previous work,how so?How do you define different?

-Yes, my new music is different in every way. See, when an artist starts creating and growing, your vision and style also changes.  For me my new music and upcoming projects are even better than the past because I learned from my previous experiences and put myself in a whole different mode.  I really like dark R&B with a touch on hip hop or trap, so right now that’s what I am experimenting with.

What’s your creative process like while writing? What inspires your music? 

-My creative process is a bit crazy. I don’t sit down and start writing. The ideas just come to me spontaneously, like suddenly an idea for a bar comes to my mind and I open my iphone notes and write it down, next thing you know, I have a whole verse ready to go, then I sit down and put all of those random ideas into verses, that’s the start of my creative process for a song, because it helps me put together a train of thought that converts into a song.  Of course it’s not always like that , sometimes I hear a beat and vibe to it, sounds can remind you of emotions and emotions turns to words so if a beats gives a certain vibe , GO WITH THE VIBE and write about what emotions does the sounds brings out of you.

Who would your dream collab be with and why? Ballad or banger?

-Hard Question! Rather than name an artist that I’d love to do a song with , I’d like to do a banger with producers like Lunice, Hudson Mohawke, Mr. Camarck, Sinji Hawke, Dj Dahi or even Timbaland !

You have a dope sense of style,are you influenced by anyone in particular or do you just kind of experiment yourself? Would you ever be interested in dabbing into the fashion world?

-Thank You, well my style comes from everything I see , I’m not influenced by somebody in particular but I recollect from everywhere and then convert all of that into my style, but if I could mention people that influenced me I most say Zoe Kravitz, Aleali May and Yeha Leung.  Yes! I want to dab into the fashion world very soon! My mom is a designer not many people know that but she got me into fashion since I was very young.  I remember reading W magazine, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar when I was like 14, and the age of 15 I created my brand DMNCA, it has always been my dream to make it real.  I’ll be designing some very dope pieces very soon! So YES Imma slay the music industry and the fashion world at the same mothefucking time. 


I’ve been following you on the snap and I’ve seen you post a lot about a collab with Vida Kush with a dope”babygirl” ring…what else is to come with that project?When will it be releasing?

-Well the baby girl ring is just part of the amazing goodies Vida Kush sent me this past December! Apparently they are HUGE fans of my music and they used one of my songs for promoting their accessories.  It was soo crazy because I’ve been following them forever! And I love their website and all the things they sell, so when I saw that they posted a video with my song I LOST IT , I commented the video and they were like “omg we love you ! We need to send you goodies” so they told me to go into their website and choose whatever I like! Haha so of course I choose the baby girl ring, because people call me baby girl. As collaboration I will be releasing dope pictures with everything they sent me, also all the E.N.O pictures include a tight garter from Vida Kush.

I dont know if you’re already following him on SnapChat but DJ khaled has created a bunch of hype with his snapchats and catch phrases such as “Bless Up” ,”Major Key” ,”They don’t want you..” And “Lion!!”…What catch phrase or word would you like to be associated with Audri Nix?!

-My phrase would be “get this work” and “hey bitch”

I know you’ve had a performance or two in La Respuesta, do you plan on doing any live performances soon? Maybe a promotional tour around the island for El Nuevo Orden? I know i cant wait to sing “Chanel Bleu” and “1,000 mph” right along with you haha 

-Girl, I CAN’T WAIT to be on stage.  Right now we are not planning on doing a tour yet but I am going to be singing at Santurce es Ley ! Another dream come true! Hopefully after that you’ll see more live shows from Audri Nix.

Like all good parents, they always want their babies to have a backup plan in case their dreams don’t become a reality…If you weren’t into music, what else would you be doing? 

-True that. If there is something that scares me the most is not having a back up plan! I am a marketing student so if I weren’t doing music I’d be working as pretty dope marketer, helping grow brands and using my ideas to sell shit.  Also I’d like to be a fashion designer or a history teacher! 

Does El Nuevo Orden already have a set release date or are you gonna pull a Drake and Beyoncé on us and drop it out of nowhere?! 

-YES! I am releasing E.N.O VOL.1 on FEBRUARY 16 and it’s coming with a visual directed by Shoury Santana! I released the official track list through my Twitter.


Last question….do you think your fans are ready for E.N.O. Vol. 1?!

-I hope so! I hope they love it as much as I do , but I especially hope they can connect with my words and relate to what I sing about. I hope they find comfort, love and even  angriness in my songs.  This EP its the start on a crazy road. It’s the new order. 

Whether it be for her music, her fashion sense, her dope personality or all of the above, Audri Nix is making a name for herself and she’s going places! I’m anxiously awaiting the release of E.N.O. Vol.1 and can’t wait to see her SLAY.

February 16 is about to be LIT! Go get it baby girl!


IG: @audrinix

TW: audrinix

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