From remixing Kanye West’s latest hit “Real Friends” to producing his newest track “Guerreros” ft. GH Pancho and Christina Reyes, J.Patron is quickly proving he has no chill when it comes to music!

“Guerreros” is one of those songs that all the kids from los barrios can relate to, matter of fact anyone thats ever gone through any kind of struggle can get the feels just listening to it.


” I’m just working on my legacy, friends turn into enemies but what’s love without jealousy? Trying to take me out like Kennedy, major moves independently, I bet y’all gonna remember me // And I cannot afford to spend time on that negative, can’t pay attention unless I benefit, I don’t think they get it yet, I been legit, young hispanic reppin’ it, paying homage to my heritage, excuse the arrogance”

I take pride in my hustle though I cry through the struggle, swear to God that I got ’em, aim for the sky cause we’re tired of the bottom”

If I could I would have this entire post be the lyrics alone but instead you should just do yourself a favor and go listen to “Guerreros” RIGHT NOW and get yourself a massive dosage of motivation.

This joint just fueled a fire in me and I’m more than ready to continue on my grind and make my fellow hispanics proud.

J.Patron I see you. I hear you. I feel you!

“Porque imaginar es vida”


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