My favorite California via Colombia rapper, J.Patron is at it again unleashing the heat with his newest single "Cutflowxrs." With producer WiXo providing the menacing vibes, J.Patron gets at it rappin' about that Golden Boy life. "Siempre donde voy,  Siempre donde estoy, Ayer mañana y hoy  We them golden boys  (Who that Tino wit the … Continue reading J.PATRON || CUTFLOWXR$


It's been about a week since Colombian rapper, J.Patron, dropped his latest joint "Papi Loco" ft. Bodega Bamz and this El Dusty & Principe CU produced beat is FIRE. From beginning to end this high-energy track will have you chanting "Papi Loco" all damn day and I aint even mad at it! "No me importa … Continue reading J.PATRON || PAPI LOCO


J.Patron is on a new level foreal though. This Colombian born, LA livin' rapper just made the dopest remix to one of my favorite artists tracks and it's sick! The Weeknd's "Enemy" is good all on its own but add J.Patron's magic touch to the mix and you have a whole other flow. To be … Continue reading J.PATRON X THE WEEKND || ENEMY (REMIX)


From remixing Kanye West's latest hit "Real Friends" to producing his newest track "Guerreros" ft. GH Pancho and Christina Reyes, J.Patron is quickly proving he has no chill when it comes to music! "Guerreros" is one of those songs that all the kids from los barrios can relate to, matter of fact anyone thats ever … Continue reading J.PATRON || GUERREROS FT. GH PANCHO X CHRISTINA REYES


Colombian favorite of mine, J.Patron, is at it once again, this time putting his twist on one of Kanye West's latest tracks, "Real Friends." I'm used to hearing a hard-hitting J.Patron, but just like Kanye he slows his flow down and gets super vulnerable on "Amigos Verdaderos." "Mi bebe me jala el pantalon aqui en … Continue reading J.PATRON ||KANYE WEST-REAL FRIENDS (REMIX)

J.Patron || Latino Immigrant (Official Video)

Quickly becoming a new favorite of mine, J.Patron decided to drop the video for his single "Latino Immigrant" last night and it is raw as hell! Arriving to L.A. and flipping the city upside down..literally, it was only right for this visual to be set in Cali. This talented artist and his crew did a … Continue reading J.Patron || Latino Immigrant (Official Video)

J.Patron || Latino Immigrant

J.Patron dropped his latest album, Latino Immigrant, yesterday and let me tell you this Colombian rapper is definitely worthy of being on your playlist! With hard-hitting beats yet keeping that latin flavor, this El Dusty produced album is basically like hearing pages out of J.Patron's diary if he had one. Not holding back one bit, he … Continue reading J.Patron || Latino Immigrant