Colombian favorite of mine, J.Patron, is at it once again, this time putting his twist on one of Kanye West’s latest tracks, “Real Friends.”

I’m used to hearing a hard-hitting J.Patron, but just like Kanye he slows his flow down and gets super vulnerable on “Amigos Verdaderos.”

“Mi bebe me jala el pantalon aqui en el estudio mientras escribo esta canción, lo miro a los ojos y me mira a los míos y siento una conección que llena mi vacío…un amigo, un verdadero amigo, más que un amigo ese es mi hijo”

It’s a beautiful thing when an artist can incorporate the love for for their child or anyone else in their lives for that matter in their music. It’s interesting to know where their inspiration comes from and I appreciate the rawness.

Listen to J.Patron’s version of Kanye West’s, “Real Friends” below!


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