” y los que sin nada van por todo.”

Joyce Santana wrote his destiny into existence and the manifestation is real right now!

Setting the tone for 2016, Santana finally released the highly anticipated video for his hard-hitting single “Young Pablo” and it is a MOVIE!

Directed by Rai Irizarry, this visual is what you would expect for this song but taken to a whole other level. Co-starring the hottest female rapper out right now in PR, Audri Nix, as well as cameos from members of Lv Ciudvd:Young Martino, Álvaro Díaz, Brray, Luciano, Deborah Blues and even graphic artist, Alberto Fernz-this video had “game changer” written all over it from the jump. The opening scene was what really got me hyped about it; Joyce hanging upside down over a barrel spitting bars…and in a FRSH Company NASA Windbreaker?! That opening and ending scene was just TOO legit, his energy was on HIGH from beginning to end and you could feel it.

“Esto es una celebración, YOUNG PABLO!”

Santana and all of those involved in the making of this video have really outdone themselves. The movement that is LV CIUDVD is about to blow up and I can’t f#ckin’ wait!

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