J.Patron – Prendela

For the longest time I’ve been lover of Hip-Hop music, within the last year I’ve grown to become a fan of Spanish Hip-Hop all thanks to the talented boys of LV CIUDVD from my island, Puerto Rico. Listening to Álvaro Díaz and seeing how successful he has become has led me to open up my ears and see what other Latin American countries have to offer the genre.

That being said, where my Colombian’s at?!

J.Patron, a Hip-Hop artist from Bogotá,Colombia, has been brought to my attention and this colombiano is super dope! After watching the video for his track “Prendela,” I was immediately intrigued. He kind of reminds me of Calle 13. Calle 13 always shows his love and appreciation for his culture and incorporates it in his music/videos and that’s exactly what the visual for “Prendela” gives us. The beauty and everyday life of Bogotá is captured through the lens of J.Patron and I must say that through this video and his clever wordplay, he’s lit my interest to want to explore & listen more.

Check out the video for “Prendela” below and let me know if you’re feelin’ the love for Colombia!

I got my ears out for you J.Patron! #purooro

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