J.Patron || Latino Immigrant

J.Patron dropped his latest album, Latino Immigrant, yesterday and let me tell you this Colombian rapper is definitely worthy of being on your playlist!

With hard-hitting beats yet keeping that latin flavor, this El Dusty produced album is basically like hearing pages out of J.Patron’s diary if he had one. Not holding back one bit, he tells his story of making the sacrifice to come stateside and pursue his passion for music. Patron was playing no games on his track “Latino Immigrant” but he was sure to give his fans some dope songs to party to such as “Borracho” and “Get Loco.”

Until I make it, I’ll be working hard, wait I’m making it and I’m working hard”

“I keep it moving like an immigrant, crossing borders like a Mexican but they know that I’m Colombian”

“Self made tino now nobody can fire me, step aside I will do all the work you won’t do”

The marriage between Hip-Hop and Latin music on this album is ridiculously good. J.Patron is steady on the rise proving he made the right choice leaving Colombia to share his music with the world.

Check out Latino Immigrant now on SoundCloud and if you’re feelin’ it it’s available for purchase on iTunes!


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