Eric Bellinger || Cuffing Season

Ladies and Gents the wait is finally over! Eric Bellinger has officially released his latest album, Cuffing Season, and it is everything!

After hearing his mixtape, Choose Up Season, I instantly became a fan of Eric’s and had his music on replay. He is now one of the top names I think of when I want to listen to some good ol’ R&B.

Cuffing Season is exactly what you would expect it to be. From “Overrated” to “You Can Have The Hoes,” Bellinger is ready to claim his girl and turn down for her.

“You can have the hoes, you so stupid you can have the hoes, my girl she my nigga though, real love only marry no, when we at the crib she put on a show so home is where I wanna be”

“Tell me how am I gonna say I’m the King if I aint got no Queen, gotta fall in love”

In a side chick kind of world, I’m glad I got my girl”

“I’m done living single, I know I could have ’em all, but that aint the shit that I’m on”

Guys you have 16 tracks to listen to and take notes from! Eric knows all the right things to say to his lady and with that smooth voice of his?! Ooh yea he can get it!

Trust you’re going to want to purchase Cuffing Season now on iTunes!

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