Audri Nix || Chanel Bleu

Female rapper, Audri Nix, is proving track after track that she has what it takes to hang with the boys without losing her feminine touch. Giving us versatility, we’ve heard her go hard on “1000mph” and “Veneno” and now we’re getting a feel for her softer side.

Produced by OverLord, “Chanel Bleu” is Audri’s latest baby. They say you should never judge a book by its cover but based off the cover art for “Chanel Bleu” there was NO way this single wasn’t going to be anything but enticing. Baby girl gave me all sorts of feels hearing about her “Principe Azul con olor a Chanel Bleu.”

“Somos JayZ y Queen B sentados en un throno no volver a estar solos, sin titulos y sin nada, soy tu negra me corono”

“Repiteme todos los dias que yo soy tuya, aunque sea por una noche quiero que sepas que yo estoy para ti..”

Ladies I know we ALL can relate to the feeling of wanting what we can’t have and not understand why. No matter how hard you try to forget about someone there’s always going to be little reminders of them everywhere. For some people, including myself, this song is going to help refresh your memory about a certain someone from your past…don’t even try to lie and say someone didn’t come to mind while hearing it!

Check out “Chanel Bleu” now!

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