Brray || Será

Brr + Yo Yo Yo Young Martino = Banger!

The math is simple. Whenever you add Brray and producer Young Martino together you know the result is going to be some fire. In his latest track “Será,” Brray raps –

“..Y yo no soy el más lindo y no tengo muchos chavos, tampoco se como siempre me las clavo..será que de nadie soy esclavo que soy un coronel y no soy un cabo,porque prendo mucho nunca las apago y no saben lo que hago..”

Ohhkayy Brray I see you, lettin’ ’em know it’s not all about looks or money but about that little extra something you can offer that no one else can.

Whether it be rapping about hustling or being on his “Mr.Steal Your Girl” flow, Brray knows how to relate to his audience and keep them intrigued for more. Can’t wait to see what he’ll hit us with next.

Check out “Será” now on SoundCloud:

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