Drake || Charged Up

They say you should use people’s negativity/hate/criticism towards you and use it to fuel your fire and after Meek Mill called Drake out for using a ghost writer, the 6 God’s fire is LIT!

Drake has kept his cool about the situation but just last night he released a nice little “diss” track for Meek and honestly his chill,nonchalant delivery is what makes it dope as fuck.

“I stay silent cause we’re at war and I’m very patient, 6 God is watching I just hope you’re prepared to face him…I’m charged up”

Cops are killing people with their arms up and your main focus is trying to harm us? And you think you about to starve us..”

Drizzy is speakin’ that real ish on this one and I appreciate his “work in silence” kind of flow. I feel like when rappers come at their peers it’s really just about them trying to make themselves relevant and get them to lose focus but Drake, being the smart man that he is, just used that energy to CHARGE UP and I’d say he’s at 100%.

Meek might have said the track was “baby lotion soft” but does tweeting make you hard? I guess that’s none of my business though!

“Rumor has it I either fucked her or never could..but rumor has it, hasn’t done you niggas any good”

Listen to “Charged Up” below:

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